ISO and PAGDER discussed issues and solution proposals at a joint meeting

Tarih : 2018-12-24

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce plastics professional committee and Turkish Plastics Industrialists' Association (PAGDER) discussed issues and solution proposals at a joint meeting.
The Board of Directors of Turkish Plastics Industrialists' Association (PAGDER) and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 35th Term Plastic Raw Materials and Plastic Injection Products Industry Professional Committee members held a joint meeting and discussed a series of burning issues. At the meeting, they exchanged information about the things to do in the long term and the actions that are already in progress. 
The meeting reached a consensus that any cooperation by non-governmental organizations would contribute more to the industry. 
Selçuk Gülsün, Chairman of PAGDER, remarked that there are some problematic areas associated with the US embargo imposed on foreign trade with Iran and similar countries and added that Turkish business people always comply with international law. Gülsün stated that there are some initiatives undertaken by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) to allow exporters to operate without exposure to any legal concerns. 
Hüseyin Semerci, Chairman of PLASFED, stressed that any potential increase in the number of businesses filing for bankruptcy protection in industries would cause a domino effect and therefore legal actions should be taken to prevent such businesses from filing for bankruptcy protection effortlessly. Semerci explained that banks can refer to cost increases and practices, particularly loan sureties, to protect themselves, which unnecessarily challenges industrialists. Hüseyin Semerci also highlighted that more pressure should be put on the banks for machinery and equipment to be considered as a guarantee.

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