A chance offered by PAGDER&ASLAN, the new hub of the plastics industry

Tarih : 2018-12-24

PAGDER&ASLAN Plastics-Specialized OIZ (PAOIZ), one of the new hubs of plastics industry, initiated second stage sales at a fixed rate of USD. Located in Vize district of Kırklareli, PAOIZ was reported to be valued at TRY 157.5 per sqm (based on 4.5 USD to TRY exchange rate) for the second stage. 
The second stage sales of PAGDER&ASLAN Plastics-Specialized OIZ (PAOIZ), which is one of the most important private investments of the plastics industry located in Vize district of Kırklareli, were initiated for TRY 157.5 per sqm. The statement by PAOIZ indicated that the USD to TRY selling exchange rate was fixed at 4.5 in consideration of volatility in foreign exchange and investors were given an opportunity. 
Established with the efforts of Plastic Industrialists' Association of Turkey (PAGDER) and ASREY Construction, PAGDER&ASLAN Plastics-Specialized Organized Industrial Zone is located in a region free of employment problems.  The statement by PAOIZ reminded that all social fittings of OIZ were designed specifically for industrialists and industrial components, and informed, "OIZ would be ready for superstructure investments in 2019 upon the completion of its infrastructure by the end of the year."
The statement by PAOIZ said, "69 companies from the plastics industry are involved in the first stage of PAGDER&ASLAN Plastic-Specialized OIZ covering an area of 650 thousand sqm. Similarly, the second stage on sale is allocated to the plastics industry upon huge demand from the industry. Any investor involved in the second stage of PAGDER&ASLAN Plastic-Specialized OIZ, where the dollar exchange rate is fixed at TRY 4.5, will start earning today with favorable prices starting from TRY 157.5 per sqm exclusive to the campaign."

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