Selçuk GÜLSÜN –Deputy Chairman: “PAGDER will introduce to Europe the innovative products of its members”

Tarih : 10.05.2016

PAGDER, through a project being financed from the funds of European Union and Turkey, will enable the presentation of environmentalist products of its members in a wider area.

In the signature ceremony of December 18, 2015, where Selçuk GÜLSÜN – Deputy Chairman of PAGDER- also attended, the sample production processes and products of 500 members of PAGDER will come out by the project in subject within the frame of contract made with Central Finance and Contracts Unit.

Selcuk GULSUN spoke as "Our association, that appends its signature to many projects intended to enable the development of our member, is bringing in a new service through a project with a budget of 110 thousand Euros which is accepted by the EU Commission. PAGDER is aiming to present to EU the innovative, environmentalist and energy efficient products of its members".

And Selçuk MUTLU –General Secretary of PAGDER-, who attended the Civil Society Dialogue meetings on February 29 - March 02, specified that they will increase the number of such projects which will contribute to the industry by meeting up with Bulent OZCAN –Chairman of Project Implementation of Ministry for EU Affairs.  

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