PAGDER is taking steps for the capacity generation in the plastic machine industry

Tarih : 10.05.2016

The workshop of “Strategic Initiatives for the Future Design of Plastic and Rubber Processing Machines Industry” is realized on December 18, 2015 at ISO Odakule Service Building under the cooperation of Plastic Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER) and Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).

The opening speeches of the workshop, where the determination of the current status of Turkey’s plastic and rubber processing machines industry is realized, are performed by Mr. Reha GUR –Chairman of Board of Directors of PAGDER- and by Mr. Adnan DALGAKIRAN –Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of ISO.

Reha GUR pointed out in his speech that it is time for the industry to focus on the production of machines and components of high technology that will be able to compete in the global market rather than production with low added value. 

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