The way of leap is passing through industry

Tarih : 10.05.2016

PAGDER (Plastic Industrialists’ Association), the most rooted, effective and powerful representative of the plastic industry of Turkey, met by the Advisory Committee of PAGDER at TUYAP Palas in order to discuss in detail the current status of the industry, assess the main problems along with solution suggestions and agree on the required attempts.  

As Reha GUR –chairman of Board of Directors of PAGDER- being in the first place, the significant names of their field such as Omer KARADENIZ –carrying on the task of PAGDER’s Advisory Committee’s Chair as well as the councilorship of ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry)-, members of board of directors and work committees of PAGDER, Selcuk AKSOY –Chairman of Board of Directors of PLASFED (Plastic Industrialists’ Federation) being the umbrella organization of the plastic industry of Turkey-, Huseyin SEMERCI –Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of PLASFED-, chairmen and members of the most effective associations/unions in the country, Erdal BAHCIVAN –Chairman of ISO-, Adnan DALGAKIRAN –Deputy Chairman of ISO-, Nahit KEMALBAY and Nurhan KAYA –members of board of directors of ISO-, Sekib ADVAGIC –President of the Assembly of ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce)-, Salih ESEN –President of the Assembly of EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry)-, and members of assembly and professional committees of ISO and plastic industrialists directing the industry attended the meeting.  

Members of Advisory Committee of PAGDER, who attended the meeting where Omer KARADENIZ was the moderator, made assessments regarding the current status of the industry and on the basis of the country and at global scale, and shared the solution suggestions for the main problems.   

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