School – Industry Cooperation: First NGO Support for Istanbul Model from PAGDER!

Tarih : 04.05.2016

Plastic Industrialists’ Association (PAGDER) became the first NGO supporting "School-Industry Cooperation Project – Istanbul Model" which had been prepared in order to improve vocational education, and which had been signed by Nabi Avci -Minister of National Education-, Ahmet Erdem -Minister of Labor and Social Security of the period- and Erdal Bahcivan –Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry-.

PAGDER, that will remedy the equipment and infrastructure deficiencies of Inonu Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School through cooperation with Istanbul Chamber of Industry and Provincial Directorate for National Education of Istanbul, took a significant step by signing the protocol which will provide qualified labor for plastic industry.  

Reha GUR -chairman of Board of Directors of PAGDER-, who gave a speech at “Protocol Signature and Equipment Donation Ceremony”, said that “We are initiating an employment focused cooperation which will improve the plastic technology workshops by new techniques and methods and which will enable sharing of experience”. 


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