1950 ~ First Organization

Our institution, whose name is Plastic Industrialists’ Association today, has started to organize unofficially since 1950s with the name of “Plastic Mutbah Goods Manufacturers Association”. The word “mutbah”, that meant “kitchen” in old Turkish, had been included in the name.

1969 - First Congress

In the first congress, where official establishment was realized, the name of the association had been changed as “Public Plastic Industrialists’ Solidarity Association”.

1969 - First Address

The first address of the association had been the Uzuncarsi Street at Mercan, Istanbul.

1969 - First Decision of the Board

In the first meeting of board of directors, the decision of “Asking to authorities whether there will be two siblings with the same surname in a board of directors” had been made.

1970 - First Social Aid

A truck of plastic goods and 44.600 TRY cash aid is provided to earthquake victims who suffered from an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 that occurred at Gediz area of Kutahya on March 28, 1970. 

1973 - Opinion Presentation Regarding Producers

Opinion presentation regarding that plastic manufacturers -who will be procuring raw material from Petkim- are producers.

1980 - Closure for 53 Days

The association, whose activities were ceased by the decision of National Security Council, had again been opened provided that it will conform to the orders of 1st Army and Martial Rule Commandership.

1983 - Amendment of the Association’s Name

The name of the association had been amended as “Public Plastic Industrialists’ Association”.

1986 - First Organization in Abroad

In 1986, the association had attended the K Fair that was organized in the Dusseldorf city of Germany. 

2004 - Chairmanship Period of Hayrullah YELKENCI

The activities of the association had gained momentum by Hayrullah YELKENCI who was elected as chairman by the General Assembly of 2004.

2004 - The name PAGDER

Our institution, whose name is “Public Plastic Industrialists’ Association”, continued its activities with the brief name of PAGDER.

2006 - Bursa Branch

The first branch of PAGDER is opened in Bursa. PAGDER Bursa Branch, that was chaired by Ilker BILIKTU, was then closed, and it had chosen to establish a new association in order to operate regionally.

2010 - Reorganization

In the reorganization process, PAGDER left the office which was being used jointly with PAGEV, and moved to its new office at Giyimkent Istanbul.

2010 - Opinion Presentation Regarding Import

It had been recognized as an institution presenting opinion to Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade (today’s Ministry of Economy) for second hand machines that would be imported. 

2011 - UR&GE Project

It is involved as collaborative institution in the “Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness” named export development project of Ministry of Economy.

2011 - PLASFED is established

PLASFED Plastic Industrialists’ Federation, that PAGDER had lead its establishment, is established on October 27, 2011.

2012 - PAOSB is established

The first private organized industrial zone of Turkey is structured as plastic expertise organized industrial zone, and PAGDER ASLAN Plastic Producers Expertise Private Organized Industrial Zone is established.

2014 - Recycling Plastics into Homes

"Recycling Plastics into Homes", the corporate social responsibility project that addressed the widest audience in the history of association, is initiated on February 18, 2014.