PAGDER Plastic Industrialists’ Association, that is established in 1969 with the purpose of gathering under a single roof the companies operating in plastic industry in Turkey, is one of the most effective NGOs of plastic industry with its 500 members.
Plastic industry has a size of 35 billion dollar as an industry providing employment to 306 thousand 774 individuals through 7 thousand 354 enterprises along with the sub groups of plastic raw material, plastic product and plastic processing machines.
Objectives of our Association
  • Developing projects regarding the raw material problem of Turkish plastic industry,
  • Making operations intending generation of added value by our sector,
  • Developing measures against unfair competition practices,
  • Developing projects for our industry to gain recognition in public opinion with correct perception,
  • Developing network relations,
  • Making organizations that will increase domestic and foreign trade regarding our industry,
  • Taking leading steps in enabling cooperation in between educational institutions and industry,
  • Making operations for determining the standards of the industry and for developing ethical values.