Second stage sales started in PAGDER&ASLAN OIZ

Tarih : 2018-09-10

Second stage sales started in PAGDER & ASLAN Plastics-Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (PAOIZ), which is one of the most important investments of the plastics industry. The statement by PAOIZ reminded that 69 investors were involved at the first stage.

After the accomplishment of the first stage, plastics-related industries were also included in PAOIZ, for which a decision for expansion was made upon the request of the industry. With a 45 percent investment incentive, 30 percent cheaper energy, modern infrastructure facilities specifically designed for the industry, and the non-existence of employment problem, PAOIZ attracts attention with its proximity to Istanbul and Europe, creating a profitable investment opportunity for industrialists with the privilege of being a specialized OIZ. The second stage of PAGDER&ASLAN Plastics-Specialized OIZ, which started to receive the preliminary demands, is offered for sale at advantageous prices starting from USD 55 per square meter with special fixed exchange rate guarantee for the second stage launch.

PAGDER&ASLAN Plastics-Specialized OIZ, which is an attraction point for industrialists with its proximity to Istanbul and Europe, rises in Vize District of Kırklareli. The specialized OIZ, where the second stage sales started upon intense demand from the plastics industry, is brought to life with the efforts of Plastic Industrialists' Association of Turkey (PAGDER) and ASREY Construction. PAOIZ, which includes 69 companies within the first stage, opened its second stage to the plastics industry and is growing the synergy within the most dynamic industry of Turkey. Standing out with its eco-friendly infrastructure and social life spaces designed in line with the needs of the industry in mind, PAOIZ makes its investors gain benefits in each step. Those who act early at the second stage of PAOIZ, for which the preliminary demands are started to be collected, will be able to benefit from advantageous prices exclusive to the launch.

Fidan Aslan Eroğlu, Chairman of Board of Directors of the PAGDER&ASLAN Plastics-Specialized OIZ, remarked that they offered the plastics industry the opportunity to be in a specialized OIZ in Kırklareli Vize, a location very close to Istanbul and Europe, and to benefit from 45% investment incentive and 30% cheaper energy.

The machinery manufacturing industry will be the neighbor of PAOIZ as well!

Attracting attention with its convenient location in Vize District of Kırklareli, PAOIZ caused the machinery manufacturers to be interested in the region as well. The companies operating in the machinery manufacturing industry will have an opportunity to produce in a new OIZ to be established in Vize of Kırklareli, which offers an advantage with its proximity to Istanbul.

The Machinery Manufacturing Industry Associations' Federation (MAKFED) started its preparations for the foundation of a new OIZ in Vize District of Kırklareli upon demand from its members. MAKFED commenced its efforts to found a new specialized OIZ intended for machinery manufacturers in the adjacent area of PAGDER ASLAN Plastics-Specialized OIZ established in Vize.

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