Municipality of Kucukcekmece also appended its signature to the Recycling Plastics into Homes project

Tarih : 10.05.2016

"Recycling Plastics into Homes” project, that is initiated on February 18, 2014 by the leadership of PAGDER (Plastic Industrialists’ Association), that reached to thousands of people in the whole country in a short period and that is supported by many famous/non-famous friends of environment/nature and animal, is continuing to expand by the contribution of local authorities.  

Municipality of Kucukcekmece became one of the main supporters of “Plastics that Turn to Home” project which communicates to the society that plastic wastes are not garbage, that they are valuable raw materials that can be recycled for many times and that they can even turn to a warm home for street animals as well as turning to thread and fiber, and which aims to bring in the habit of sortation and the culture of recycling.   

Within the scope of this cooperation, a cooperation protocol is signed by a ceremony that is organized on October 5 at the service building of Municipality of Kucukcekmece. 

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